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Aureus Flos

Carefully detailed craftsmanship and harmonic design

At Aureus Flos we believe every piece of our jewelry tells a story. The story begins in our hearts and minds with the designing process. Once the final design is determined we open up the next chapter – creation. Here is where the partnership between maker and material starts.

The crafting of each piece can be compared to a modern ballet – by building on a foundation of precise and formalised steps, and fusing them with an assortment of rigorously honed elegant and innovative techniques, can turn our vision into enchanting and exceptional form. It is through the partnership of classical and innovative techniques that we are able to deliver each piece to its most important chapter – beginning its long and beautiful history with you.


ureus Flos is a brand raised from a passion for fine arts and is a result of Anna’s long-time hobby and higher degree diploma in arts. Because of that, making jewelry is not only her ‘job’, it is something more. It is a unique bond which grows between her, and each piece being made. It is also a trust that this bond can be passed on to you, making your handmade treasure something very special.

Story behind our handmade, artisan jewellery.

It’s always about the bride

Anna organised her own wedding in September 2016, doing almost everything by herself. This is how we know, all too well, that your joyous event can also be a challenging one. Because of this, our aim is to provide you the best care and service, so you have a few less bumps in the road on the journey towards your special day. We want to make sure your look will indeed be the one you dreamed of. Our handcrafted and uniquely designed jewelry stands opposed to the repeatable and ‘disposable’ today’s world. We carefully ponder over every piece we create; from the first time it appears in our heads to the very end, when we pack it and send it to you. This means we leave nothing to chance, and every aspect of our jewelry is thought out; from the smallest rhinestone to the overall presence. We do all these things because we wish for our pieces to be everything you dreamed they would be, so you can dazzle your guests on your beautiful day.

Ethical Jewelry

Everything each of us does has an impact on our planet, and the environment in which we live. Being aware of this, at Aureus Flos we constantly search for ways to minimize not only the carbon imprint we leave, but we look beyond and consider other aspects as well. For instance, one tonne of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 5000 litres of water and 23% of energy used in paper production. That is why all our packaging is made of ecological, recycled paper. Traditional jewelry requires a significant amount of energy for casting and uses a lot of rare metals. We use different, more ecologically friendly techniques, which need a far less electricity or fuel and don’t require so much gold, silver or platinum to create a truly unique and beautiful treasures.