Bespoke journey

Are you looking for exquisite jewelry which truly reflects your style and romantic soul? Is Everything you found beautiful but not something you would see for yourself? I do really know how it is, as I was exatcly in this situation some time ago. Because of that, I decided to create my exclusive bespoke service for brides like you. Here I offer you a creation of one-of-a-kind artisan jewellery which reflects your personality and wonderfully matches your overall bridal look. Together we can form your absolutely dreamed and luxurious headpiece.

If you would like to make your dreams come true just write to me on anna@aureusflos.com or use  contact form and I will be with you shortly.

How does the whole process look?

Step I

Write me an email and tell me about your Big Day. In fact, the more information, the better. Sometimes even smallest detail can be a seed for completely unique jewelry. I can find inspiration in things such as:
- Your dress (you can simply attach its photo) – don’t forget about veil (will you wear it or not)
- Any accessories you will wear, like shoes or other jewelry, wedding rings, engagement ring, etc. (you can either describe tchem or, like with wedding dress, send me some pictures)
- What hairstyle will you have
- Do you have any theme or colour palette of your wedding (minimalistic, boho luxe, etc.)
- What do you usually wear (unless you think about jewelry which stands opposed to your personal style)
- How would you like to be seen in your Big Day
- And finally, when and where is your wedding

Step II

I will send you my reply and give you some timeframe about draft project, costs and how much time I need to create your headpiece.

Step III

After we agreed initial project, you need to pay half of the price. Once you have done it, I will send you your fully drawn treasure and pictures/ videos of components samples.

Step IV

In this step, we have finally approved project and I start its creation. During this time, I will give you three updates with more pictures and videos. After a first one, you still have a time to make small amendments or improvements. Later suggestions may result with higher price but it obviously depends on their depth.

Step V

Once you received third update, which shows your new handmade piece, and you accepted it, you need to pay the second rate. After that, I send you elegently packed branded box with your jewelry via Royal Mail service (guarnteed by 1pm or international tracked and signed)

Additional information

- Manufacturing time vary between 3-8 weeks. Exact timeframe is set indvidually and it depends mainly on complexity of your jewelry. If I am able to, I can do the ‘fast’ service (please note it may not be possible, so I highly recommend to contact me earlier than later)
- First instalment is equal 50% of a final price. Projects based on already exisiting pieces will look similar to the original prices. Those made from scratch depend on project itself and materials used.
- Because custom made accessories requires extra time and effort, please bear in mind I am available to accept only limited numbers of orders. If you are really interested in making something exclusively handcrafted for yourself I encourage to contact me as soon as you can.
- You can change colours, beads, crystals, shapes, sizes – anything you like. I can do (almost) everything. Little tweaks to existing pieces or completely new design. Your imagination and my experience is a paint to our canvas!